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The Shikaku Room

Terms of Use

The friendliest and vaguest terms of use ever.


Feel free to use any ideas/quote/link/copy/distribute/whatever anything on this site, although I'm rather proud of the design so please don't copy that.


Don't try and break the website, I've set the sizes with limits because I'd rather not overload the server I'm renting. But I'm happy with you refreshing to your hearts content, making a gadget for another website, or linking directly to the puzzle program (although I'd love some credit if you do).


To my knowledge I don't store the fact that you visited this site, I don't use cookies and I don't have any malicious scripts on the website, ergo I don't have a privacy policy. So I won't accept any damage that happens to your computer if it happens to break when you're on it :).





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